To the Editor: Responds to O’Neil challenge

I read Mr Scott O’Neil’s letter to the editor: Rebuts Bruen’s Accusations in the October 23 The News Review.

Yes, our community has been working to fund a new community pool. Yes, I wrote in support of the Indian Wells Valley Economic Development Corporation (IWVEDC) efforts to garner funding to build a new swimming pool complex. Yes, I still support the IWVEDC’s efforts to work with our community including any organization or group willing to step up to the plate to get the project moving. I do question why O’Neil’s feathers seemed to be a bit ruffled over Eric Bruen’s attempts to organize Ridgecrest residents to help support applying and hopefully receiving a swimming pool grant, especially since O’Neil should be aware of the difficulty of obtaining swimming pool grants. I discovered a couple years ago how difficult it was to obtain grant funding, and wrote about how our community should back the IWVEDC attempts to build a community pool as new grant money for such projects were scarce. I am surprised O’Neil is not aware of this simple fact.

I also question the removal of an agenda item and the potential political motivation. I also question why it seems there was an attempt to discourage public input concerning the swimming pool grant.

Finally, O’Neil should realize there is a tight timeline that must be met to apply for the swimming pool grant. We need to take quick action to gather community support, hire a grant writer, obtain project costs and get the job done by December 2020, if I remember correctly. Time to get moving and I do support any community member or group willing to get the ball rolling.

Mary Ash

Story First Published: 2020-10-30