To the Editor: Rebuts Bruen’s accusations

I hope you all read Eric Bruen’s diatribe on the Ridgecrest Political Forum Facebook page. It is full of inaccuracies and conjecture. We don’t need this kind of BS. Lindsey Stephens has been involved in trying to get a swim facility in Ridgecrest since Pinney Pool was shut down a few years ago.Eric has the audacity to accuse Lindsey of political maneuvering with regards to having meaningful, constructive public discussion on the pool effort. He tries to make it seem like it’s her fault we have a tight schedule to get our grant application in place and that she does not support getting Ridgecrest a swim facility. Nothing can be farther from the truth!

This community has been working to get a new swim facility in place of a few years now. I know I have been involved, and so has Lindsey. Lindsey is all about ensuring our youth have things to do in this town. Eric is the latter-day comer to the effort. He started getting involved when he decided to run for Mayor. So, who is the opportunist? Eric is right about one thing, we do not have accurate cost projections f­or the on-going maintenance of the anticipated facility. In fact, currently we don’t even know what we can afford to build under the grant. We just got Councilman-Hunsacker, a premier swim facility specialty firm, under contract this week to help in that regard. Thank you IWV EDC. Yes, the grant time-line is tight. But, the City has a plan, the local community involvement, and now the contracts in place to ensure we put our best effort forward to secure both the City Council’s approval and ultimately the grant. We will do that when we understand what we can afford under the grant and have the best estimates for the projected maintenance cost available, so the City can make an informed decision. The public conversation regarding a future swim facility is currently on-going. I say to everyone get involved, let your voice be heard, and stay informed. This includes you Eric!

Scott O’Neil

Story First Published: 2020-10-23