To the Editor: Bruen for Mayor

The past six months have been trying for all of us, and we are all watching the economic fallout of these unprecedented times. For many of us, seeing businesses we value so much struggle and close is just another hit, when we were already frustrated by stories of new stores that never arrive and businesses that try to grow but get stymied by our city processes.

For me, and I suspect for many other residents of Ridgecrest, this issue is on the top of my mind as I fill out my ballot this election season. And it is exactly this pressing issue that has clarified for me that there is one candidate that Ridgecrest must choose in our race for Mayor who brings the skills and connections we need to rebuild, restrengthen, and reinvigorate our local economy. That candidate is Eric Bruen.

Having a mayor with the assets that Eric Bruen brings would be tremendous for our community, and powerful for our local economy. In addition to his already impressive achievements in growing the financial institution he serves, his work at Desert Valleys Credit Union has also put him in a position to truly understand how to support our local businesses and economy. He has firsthand knowledge of what small businesses are going through as they work to start and expand, what resources are available to help a business on this path, and how to build relationships with potential new businesses to help them connect to our local community.

Even in a civic system like ours with a weak mayor position, a mayor still has many tools at their disposal that can support the local economy. And a candidate like Eric Bruen who comes from the community-based finance world is uniquely equipped to understand and use these tools in a way that can help strengthen local businesses, support business creation, and recruit businesses that provide new opportunities for all of our local residents.

We all want a vibrant local economy with jobs and opportunity for everyone, and Eric Bruen is the only candidate for Mayor who has the skills and abilities to help us make this happen. And that’s why I’ll be casting my vote on November 3rd for him, and I urge you to do the same.

Jennifer Slayton

Story First Published: 2020-10-23