To the Editor: Supports Bruen for mayor

Since coming to Ridgecrest in 1959 have labored over many decisions, especially when it comes to politics. There is one decision however that has been very obvious to me: Eric Bruen clearly is the best choice to be our next Mayor!

I have believed for many years that finding a suitable replacement for Mayor Peggy Breeden would be a huge challenge for the community. And certainly several candidates have stepped-up to assume that challenge. I am very happy that we will have a choice to make, but for me the answer rests easily and firmly with Eric Bruen.

I have been the self-appointed president of the Mayor Breeden Fan Club. For more than six years while I staffed Supervisor Gleason’s Ridgecrest office, I had the privilege of working closely with Peggy on many issues, most of which were common to both the City and the County. She was always clear and focused on whatever the issue was. No waffling. I learned to appreciate her approach to addressing problems in terms that were direct, understandable and to the point.

I believe that Eric Bruen has the very same skills and abilities and will step into the responsibilities of being Mayor of a City that has many challenges facing it in the coming years. Eric is equipped accept those challenges and to begin on day one.

He has established and articulated his positions and priorities from the first day of his declaring his candidacy. Beginning with this slogan: #BruenMeansBusiness. He has two absolutely outstanding qualifications: by virtue of his position leading a successful credit union, he has interfaced with the widest possible scope of issues of concern to both private citizens as well as the business community. He also knows the needs of the people as well as he knows the needs of the business community. His involvement throughout the community is well known and appreciated across the community. Please join me in voting for Eric Bruen. You will be proud you did.

Dennis (Denny) Kline

Story First Published: 2020-10-16