To the Editor: ‘Vote for Mallory Boyd!’

Water! I first met Dr. Pierre St.-Amand in 1960. He was the first person to tell me that the water table was in decline and had been since the Navy arrived here in 1943. He was correct then and it remains true since: the water table is in serious decline.

Over the years there have been many proposals or discussions concerning what to do about it. Sacramento made the decision to do something about it mandatory or we would face the reality that our problem would be assumed by the State of California. I don’t know about you, but I cannot remember an example where they offered an improvement over the status quo much less a real solution to any of our problems.

Hence, the locally run Groundwater Sustainability Agency was created. I was working for Supervisor Mick Gleason when that happened. The community was suspicious (which is a good thing). While support for action was neither obvious nor overwhelming, the Indian Wells Valley has largely acknowledged the issues and has begun joining the battle to find solutions before we lose the ability control our own destiny.

I applaud the several wonderful gentlemen who have pitched in to go to the next level. However well intentioned each is, I believe that Mallory Boyd has clearly distinguished himself. He has taken the more challenging road in leading the charge to begin the process immediately. I believe he is absolutely correct in tackling this strongly and immediately. I believe two things are certain:

1. The water levels will continue to decline.

2. Importing water is inevitable.

Mal’s support and leadership in addressing the issues now with immediate action distinguishes him for the other candidates. He has the technical and administrative capabilities that are required to stay in front of the State mandates.

Please vote for Mallory Boyd!

Denny Kline

Story First Published: 2020-10-09