To the Editor: Lindsey Stephens for Mayor

Ridgecrest citizens should support Lindsey Stephens for mayor, unless you think the candidate that collects the most out of town donations should become our mayor?

What we must consider in the selection of a new mayor for our community? Should we make our selection based on who has the most political signs spread all over our town? Should we make our selection based on who has the largest signs on all major streets?

Don’t be fooled, I have seen Facebook posts that actually state that Ridgecrest citizens are not educated enough on our issues and just vote because of name recognize and lots of signs will win the election. I sure hope this is not the case in our 2020 mayor election. Let’s prove them wrong and vote for the most qualified candidate Mrs. Stephens.

Mr. Bruen actually mentioned in the mayoral candidate forum that out of town influence and consultants in 2016 election adversely influenced the outcome of that election. So why was outside influence bad in 2016 and Bakersfield machine not a problem 2020?

Should we make our selection based on who has the most out of town endorsements of CEOs and politicians including Pete Aguilar the democratic representative from Riverside and Inland Empire who is supporting Eric Bruen, that has voted with Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time. What does this have to do with our local mayor elections?

Lindsey has spent the past four years working hard for you and using her masters in urban planning and prior work experience. She has saved thousands of dollars through finding new ways of contracting for the park’s projects, and bringing a proposal forward and experts on running our own slurry seal program.

Revamping how we pursue economic development, getting an updated website, working alongside current developers to cut through red tape, and developing a guide to help navigate the development process.

Lindsey Stephens’ education, experiences, accomplishments and commitment will best represent the citizens of Ridgecrest and not out of town money. The decision is yours to make, so I would recommend that Lindsey Stephens will be the best mayor for the future of Ridgecrest.

Charles Roulund Sr.

Story First Published: 2020-10-09