To the Editor: Stephens for mayor

Ridgecrest citizens need to support Lindsey Stephens for Mayor. Let there be no mistake — Mrs. Stephens is the only candidate for mayor that opposed the plan to develop and construct a casino right by the front gate to the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, the major employer in our community. Also note, the proposed casino is in close proximity to our new middle school, our existing high school, a church and pre-school right across the street.

If you did not support casino, Lindsey should be the candidate you vote for because she kept her commitment to all you voters that agreed with her that a Casino in that location was not in the best interest of our city, our citizens, our children or our major employer. The Silent Majority needs be heard in this election and not let out of town special interest groups, out of town consultants and out of town donations to determine the results our local election.

Remember — your vote counts, so I encourage every citizen to vote for Lindsey Stephens and to network with your friends, coworkers, family etc. to get the voters to the polls to support her candidacy. Her dedication, commitment, principles, community and family values will enhance the future our wonderful community.

Charles Roulund Sr.

Story First Published: 2020-10-02