To the Editor: Vote in favor of citizens

Vote for IWV Water District candidates who favor Valley Citizens.

Been watching or reading about the “Groundwater Authority” activities of late? Know how it feels to have water used as a lever to tax you more and lay more rules on you? Dislike it?

Then you need to vote the right people onto the Water District Board this year, as it is one third of the “super majority” of the GA, and serves most of the water users in this Valley.

Some persons on past boards have helped further the agenda of the GA, and we need to correct that path. Water District decisions are intimately tied to our groundwater situation.

Since we have been refused opportunity to vote a GA Board in, our only means of influence on this important issue is voting for good people on the Water District. Having been closely involved in valley matters for many years, I would like to recommend three people that I feel would give us the citizens good representation at the Water District for the next few years.

Chuck Cordell is running again. He has proven himself to care about people, and worked hard to correct the direction of the GA. He really listens to people and had personally helped several with particular problems. He deserves to continue this work.

Chuck Griffin was doing very good work in his last term at the Water District and is running again. He has been a strong voice in trying to provide good influence at both the Water District and the GA meetings as an advocate for Valley Citizens. We need him on back on the board as a voting director to help in this time.

A new voice that will bring fresh, educated ideas is Andrew Guetzkow. He is a lawyer knowledgeable in water law and water science. I have discussed the valley water issue with him and sincerely believe He wants to serve the People’s best interests.

The Water District would be well served to have these three men on it. Vote for Cordell, Griffin and Guetzkow for Water District.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-10-02