To the Editor: ‘We have a triple threat’

Wake up people, while you still have the chance. Most of you do not realize right now we have a triple threat. Not just the pandemic, but the smoke. Kernville you can cut it with a knife until 2-3 p.m. With the South Lake fire four years ago, the two deaths from the fire were an elderly couple who got overcome by smoke and were not able to reach their car. He was a priest so they should have been ready. Are you?

Smoke, pandemic, and what you don’t know about? 9/11 snuck up on us unawares but Iran is a powder keg anxious to blow with Israel, one of our close allies. We hope it doesn’t happen, but it can fast like 9/11. If you’re not ready, you still have time for you and your loved ones. I pray that you don’t put it off any longer.

God Bless and I hope to see you in Heaven.

Edwin Stanford

Story First Published: 2020-09-11