Library launches virtual 10-minute trivia

Library launches virtual 10-minute triviaThe Ridgecrest Branch Library is doing a weekly "Ten Minute Trivia" video slideshow on our Facebook page through November, on Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

If you participate "live" you get 5 bonus points.

If you participate before the next week’s round goes up, you get 2 bonus points.

After that, you just get your regular points.

There are forms that correspond to the situation (if you can’t access the form, then you’ve missed the deadline). I keep an eye on the form so if you just barely miss the deadline, use the next form and let me know. (I can’t tell if the live form expires when the time I list starts or ends. So if I make it expire at 7:46 pm, I can’t tell if it expires when it goes from 7:45 pm to 7:46 pm or if it expires when it goes from 7:46 pm to 7:47 pm.)

HOWEVER, for Week 1 only, if you respond with your individual or team score by 7 pm, I’ll add the 2 bonus points. Here is the link to the Week 1 Trivia.

—Submitted by Ridgecrest Branch Librarian Charissa Wagner.


Story First Published: 2020-09-11