Four new record-high temps

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

Four new record-high tempsThe Indian Wells Valley recorded four new record-high temperatures, according to official data collected by the China Lake Weather Office.

Tamera Walters, lead forecaster, said that Sept. 3 through Sept. 8 were originally predicted to break decades-old records.

“Due to the smoke, we did not break the max temp for Sept. 7, only got to 109, and same thing will happen (Tuesday).”

New records, as well as the previous records and the year they were set, are:

Sept. 3 — 111 (109 in 1988)

Sept. 4 — 112 (109 in 1988)

Sept. 5 — 112 (108 in 1989)

Sept. 6 — 115 (110 in 1955)

Walters also noted that data collected at the China Lake weather station often varies from that reported by the National Weather Service (such as the displays on most smart phones). Those numbers are typically an aggregate or average of a larger geographical region.

Tuesday’s high temperature is expected to be around 95 degrees, said Walters. Highs will continue to drop after that, dipping down into the 50s fro the lows and in the high 80s or low 90s at the hottest.

Pictured: The smoke-obscured sun glows red over the western horizon just before sunset. Photo by Ken Sanger

Story First Published: 2020-09-08