Expect more record-high temps

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

Expect more record-high tempsChina Lake Forecaster Tamera Walters noted that Ridgecrest is poised for more record-high temperatures in the coming week.

She shared the following record highs, including the year that they were set:

Sept. 4 — 109 in 1988

Sept. 5 — 108 in 1989

Sept. 6 — 110 in 1955

Sept. 7 — 110 in 1993

Sept. 8 — 112 in 1993

Looking ahead, here is the forecasted high for the corresponding days:

Sept. 4 — 112

Sept. 5 — 113

Sept. 6 — 115

Sept. 7 — 116

Sep. 8 — 110

“Next Wednesday temperatures will cool a bit, to around 105 degrees,” said Walters. “But expect this hotter trend to continue.”

She noted that temperatures collected and recorded on base are not always in sync with those reported by the National Weather Service (which is what most people see displayed on smart phones and other devices.)

The Kerr McGee Center is a designated cooling center, and will open up to offer reprieve from the heat to vulnerable citizens when the temperature reaches 108 or higher.

Story First Published: 2020-09-04