Concerns persist as some 50,000 felons gain early release

Concerns persist as some 50,000 felons gain early releaseCalifornia State Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove expressed concern in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s expansion plan to release additional convicted felons from four separate correctional facilities.

“Convicted felons serving their sentences for horrific crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon, throwing acid, vehicular manslaughter, armed robbery, and arson are among many of those on Newsom’s lucky release list,” said a staffer in Grove’s office.

Following Newsom’s March 4 mandated shutdown orders, he granted the early release of 18,000 convicted felons, citing risks of heightened coronavirus outbreaks among the populations of California’s prison system. However, Grove’s office said that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has expanded that early release program.

According to a recently published reports, Newsom plans the early release of some 50,000 convicted felons — nearly three times the figure originally reported to the media.

“Once again Gov. Newsom and his liberal administration choose convicted felons over victims’ families and law-abiding Californians,” said Grove.

“Newsom has already released over ten thousand prisoners early and California’s reentry system is already having trouble finding housing, food and other re-entry services for the released prisoners.

“Instead of focusing on releasing criminals from prison early and overwhelming communities with thousands of unhoused and dangerous felons, Gov. Newsom should focus on securing the energy grid, stopping these rolling black-outs, and protecting our law-abiding citizens and families.”

Story First Published: 2020-08-21