To the Editor: ‘In God we trust’

When our children were small, we’d say, “In God we trust” every time one of us would find a coin — something I showed them was inscribed on all our money. I’d hide several coins where I knew they’d be found; not so the money would add up, but so the words, “In God we trust” would be spoken often. Even laundry money would go in the jar and every so often, it would become (inexplicably) full. We’d roll it up and they’d get an even split.

As life would have it, hurt feelings, a sick pet, or bigger troubles would arise. I’d tell them, “Every problem has a beginning, a middle (the worst part), and an end, but remember, in God we trust.”

I’d get the jar and say, “Look how many times we’ve told God we trust Him. He loves hearing that, and right now, He needs us to show Him. We have to trust that God will end this in the way that is best for us/you.”

Recently, I was reminded of our game by a sign at Stater Brothers urging people to cash in coins for no fee.

If ever there was a time to speak positive words in our homes, it’s now. If, as adults, we’re uneasy about the future, children must be even more so. Words are powerful, and at this point, their hearts and minds are filled with negative, unhelpful words.

I wanted to offer the “In God we trust” idea so that parents and grandparents might begin to convert that scary energy into faith. Trust that God will end this in His time and in His way. He loves that!

Erin Higgins

Story First Published: 2020-08-14