To the Editor: ‘Never trust the government’

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of California with a self-appointed dictator Gavin Newsom . A man who continues to take unconstitutional and unlawful actions regarding his COVID-19 orders, requiring the wearing of masks, people must stay at home and businesses must close. He has no Constitutional or lawful authority to take these actions. The governor’s office would not provide the authority for the orders when I asked.

I challenge anyone to provide the constitutional and lawful authority for the dictator to issue his orders, or for that matter any county or city to issue the orders. There is no such thing as martial law, but one thing you can be sure of, once the progressives get away with taking this unauthorized power and freedom from the people, they will not give it up.

They love cowards who will not standup waiting for someone else to do it and the ignorant sheeple who have no idea what they are giving up. If you have any comments please contact me at Remember a good citizen’s job is to never trust their government.

When the shutdown was started, it was understood and stated that COVID-19 would have to run its course, but the shutdown was needed to flatten the infection curve so that hospitals could handle the cases. President Trump asked the people to cooperate to meet that need. When President Trump identified that objective was met and it was time to open up the country and go back to work to protect our economy and peoples’ lives, the progressives’ complained, identifying that was an issue under state authority, so Trump granted them their wish, but they still blame him for the states’ actions. The progressives’ then changed the goal post, identifying the country should stay closed until there is a vaccine no matter what the impact is on our economy, the peoples’ livelihood and freedom. To further meet their fear agenda, they said if you do not stay home and do not wear a mask in public you are going to be killing grandma and grandpa.

The probability that there will be a vaccine developed by the New Year, much less a safe one is slim to none, unless this was a deliberate hoax and they already had a vaccine. Scientists have been trying to develop a vaccine for HIV for at least 25 Years and still do not have one, but by some miracle, they are going to be able to develop a safe Covid-19 vaccine in a few months by using an untested testing protocol.

Ronald L. Porter

Story First Published: 2020-08-14