To the Editor: Proposed fee ‘could hit hard’

The proposed IWV Groundwater Authority Replenishment Fee could hit you hard, with one punch being a round house that takes you by surprise. So — you thought after the letters and Facebook posts and such that most people know by now that the cost of $400 a year per household is common knowledge and it is a big problem for lots of us. Most people also know that we will get hit with higher prices by the businesses impacted by this fee.

The Ridgecrest Area Association of Realtors clearly see a big problem coming their way because of this too. But, how about the biggest unseen consequence of this fee that could cause the loss of around 400 jobs in this Valley? That impact of the “fee” is the cost of $5 million a year to Searles Valley Minerals. If SVM has to pay this fee, they will no doubt shut down. How could they possibly afford it? Like any good corporation, they will look at their balance sheet and see quickly that costs now exceed income.

Next they will announce close of business, and then we will have 400 unemployed workers here in the Valley. Just think about that for a minute. 400 jobless families in quick order, bringing almost that many abandoned homes as they flee California to seek work. The concept is really painful to imagine, but not at all out of possibility. What are the City and County going to do then? They couldn’t possibly do much, it will be beyond fixing.

You will suffer, the whole valley will suffer and the damage will be unrepairable. So, if you don’t want to see this kind of economic devastation come on your friends and neighbors that work at SVM and suffer the consequences from it yourself, you better alert everyone you know and get a tsunami of protest going.

You better get your protest letter in now and also write a blistering email to the GA Board members. Tell them exactly what you think.

Again, the Board members emails are: Scott Hayman-, Ron Kicinski-, Mick Gleason-, Bob Page-, John Vallejo-

Get the details on submitting a protest letter to the GA off Facebook or from previous letters in this paper and get yours in now.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-08-14