Health officials give mosquito warning

Health officials give mosquito warningThe Kern County Department of Public Health issued a warning that, as warm weather persists, residents should take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and their neighbors from mosquitos.

“The first confirmed West Nile Virus-carrying mosquito of the year has been confirmed within Kern County,” said KCDPH public information officer Michelle Corson.

While many mosquito-borne illnesses cause only mild symptoms in most people, the infection can cause severe illness and even death in rare cases.

In order to reduce the risk of mosquito bites, KCDPH offered the following tips for limiting mosquito-breeding sites:

• Remove standing or stagnate water from containers such flowerpots, fountains, birdbaths, pet bowls, and wading pools. Items not traditionally viewed as containers, like gardening tools and toys, can also collect water.

• Clean/scrub containers that collect water weekly to remove any remaining eggs.

• Maintain swimming pools in working condition.

• Stock garden ponds with fish that eat mosquito larvae. Contact your local vector control district for free fish.

• Report areas of mosquito infestation to your local vector control district.

To decrease your risk of mosquito-transmitted infection:

• Avoid mosquitoes and mosquito-infested areas at all times of the day.

• Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.

• Apply mosquito repellant to exposed skin when outdoors.

• Ensure doors and windows have screens in good repair to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

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Story First Published: 2020-07-31