To the Editor: Urges protest of GA fees

Hey friend, got a few bucks I can have? How do you usually respond to that one from a stranger? How about the stranger to most of you here in the Valley, the Groundwater Authority that wrote itself into existence without any vote of the people and is now wanting you to approve paying almost $500 more per year for both a huge pumping fee to pay for their past overspending and a replenishment fee tax on your property to use as collateral to get loans to buy water from who knows where five years from now.

Say what??? Yes, that is what they are doing right now. You have or soon will get a very ambiguous notice about a Public Hearing from them giving just enough information to keep you from actually figuring out what they are after you for, but the above amounts are a close estimate, at least as close as their confusing rhetoric at the last meeting allows.

Two things here going on. They overspent during the last three years massively, so they need more money. So, their pumping fee is going from $35 per acre foot of water used (at least for IWVWD users and others) to $225 per acre foot. It is going up 6 and 1/2 times for the next year. That will add about 50 percent to your water charges from the IWVWD They will overspend next year again, so look for it to continue.

Next is their replenishment fee, which is what they propose to use to collect over $50 million over the next five years. That’s right — $50 million from us. That boils down to around another $325 extra each year you will pay on property tax, and it will never go down either. How’s that for a stab in the pocketbook?

One way to tell them a big fat no is to pay attention and send your letter of protest to the address on the notice. That would put an end to this Groundwater Authority fiasco. Get busy, neighbor. Follow the information on this notice carefully and send in your letter saying “no way.”

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-07-24