To the Editor: Opposes ‘defund police’

First let me state — emphatically — that I do NOT condone what happened to George Floyd. However, neither do I condone the rioting, looting and general mayhem perpetrated by those with less than altruistic motives. After all — what does trashing a store and stealing a big screen TV have to do with justice?

More specifically I am alarmed and appalled by the developing outcry to “defund the police” This is totally insane if you take the time to analyze the demand rather than responding on an emotional basis.

Consider this: No police — crime would escalate to an incredible level. Criminals would welcome it with glee. Now robbery, murder and any other crime you can imagine would would explode when perpetrators would have no interference (no police) and there would be no punishment because there would be no one to track them down. Or — would vigilante groups spring up with the possibility of far more erroneous action than ever done by police?

This may sound extreme but it is exactly what would happen without a police force. Total anarchy! Tell me why it is necessary to punish thousands of dedicated men and women for the stupid action of one? This is known as cutting off your nose to spite your face. Think seriously about this before going off half-cocked.

Robert M. McArtor

Story First Published: 2020-07-03