To the Editor: Close call on Highway 14

A near head-on collision going south on Hwy 14 from Inyokern was terrifying! I will briefly give the scenario and some safety suggestions. A few miles south of Inyokern Hwy 14 is divided, then turns into only two lanes, each going a different directions. My husband started passing a large truck from Trona and it began signaling and moving left, pushing us into the lane that changed to a north bound lane. A vehicle was coming right at us.

Fortunately, my husband sped past the truck, getting in front, saving several lives. I feel bad for the other drivers, as we did not intend to scare them or be unlawful. The truck driver was being safe too. A posted sign for the road narrowing was blocked from view by the truck.

Many fatalities have occurred on Hwy 14 between Inyokern and California City in recent years. My suggestion for people who frequently make trips south of Ridgecrest, is to count the miles between the road width changes and write it down so you will know what and when to expect that. Know your route. May God keep you safe, as we have been blessed.

Donnie Woods

Story First Published: 2020-07-03