To The Editor: Idea about temp. housing

It’s been nearly a year since the earthquake that caused some catastrophic damage to facilities at China Lake and elsewhere in the IWV. Now the effort to rebuild and/or construct new facilities is about to get underway.

One of the primary considerations of this effort is how and where to house the anticipated influx of personnel needed to support the variety of work to be done. So far, it has been suggested that the fairgrounds, and some areas within the city of Ridgecrest, be used to accommodate construction of the housing needed. I think such an approach would be detrimental to those already established neighborhoods in the general area.

As Skip Gorman so candidly noted in his Daily Independent Editorial Roundup, these areas will certainly become M-Wherrys. Take a look at the condition of the local “old” Wherry site and it will be obvious that the city cannot or has not managed that location. So why add more areas for the city to manage and likely become M-Wherrys?

It’s rumored that the base does not want to cooperate in the rebuilding process by allowing Navy land to be used for citing the required housing. This is a Navy problem, so why not?

I suggest opening access to Sanquist Spa, a historic recreational area, for the duration of constructing the new base. Then, since the quake created an emergency, call FEMA for the housing requirement. Sanquist Spa is well clear of any hazardous area within China Lake. Plus it is a short drive on Highway 178 to and from the front gate.

I think this approach utilizing Sanquist Spa area is much more expeditious than that which is currently being discussed by the city.

Tom Doyel

Story First Published: 2020-06-26