To the Editor: On the wearing of masks

Let’s be clear – I don’t think anybody wants or likes to wear a mask, but for the greater good, we do (should do) because we realize that these are the new times we currently live in. We all have a choice whether we want to eat out in a restaurant, or go to a movie, but most of us don’t have a choice when it comes to groceries – at least if we want to continue eating.

I was in Albertsons this morning, and although there is a sign on the door stating that one must wear a mask in order to enter, I’d say that at least one third of the people inside the store this morning did not have one on. The store can’t do or say anything because when that was done randomly around the country, grocery employees were attacked – yes some physically.

I understand that some people just don’t care about their fellow citizens, and/or think that they’re losing their personal freedom to make their own decisions, but how about this people… about protecting the store employees who have fed you for the last three months and have to wear a mask for eight hours a day to protect you!

Vicki Siegel

Story First Published: 2020-06-12