Free radio show streaming

Theater troup adapts to social distancing

Free radio show streamingBy BRIAN COSNER, News Review Staff Writer

Having had to cancel it’s regular season, Community Light Opera and Theater Association has provided a free stream of its latest radio show “Prometheus the God(father)” online.

“With lockdowns and social distancing in effect, we decided to find a free script and send it to a few people who recorded their parts in their own home using whatever they had,” said CLOTA Board President Josh Cotterell.

Kevin LaBrie – board vice president, project coordinator and voice of Zeus in the play – used license-free sound effects and whatever open-sourced software was available to edit recordings together. The results: a 25-minute, locally-produced, social-distance certified, free online radio show.

Prometheus, by Eric Coble, is a wiseguy retelling of the Greek genesis legend. In addition to Labrie, the cast includes Kathleen Nicole (Prometheus), Ian Bruce (Apollo), Lena Pokol (Epimetheus, Secretary), K. Pearl Woolam (Hera), Cotterell (Man) and Beth Sparks-Jacques (Woman).

“I think the audience will be most impressed with the quality of the show, knowing it was put together by someone who has never done this before and pretty much learned how to do it at YouTube University,” said Cotterell.

Cotterell expressed some of the difficulties, both technical and otherwise, with the remote collaboration.

“There’s no cast interaction, no inside jokes developed during rehearsal and no Denny’s after the show,” he said. “But we got to hear the final product later, and it was amazing.”

The link to the show is on the home page of, as well as a link to donate to the organization.

CLOTA players were just about done with blocking for their production of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” which was ultimately cancelled. Other projects which are currently in limbo include the Spookhouse and “A Lighter Shade of Noir,” by Patrick Derksen.

“While your CLOTA stage is closed, live plays are impossible to perform,” said Cotterell. “Those performances are our primary source of revenue. Donations and memberships are what make up the rest. So we’ve added a donation page if you would like to help keep us going to bring you quality entertainment.”

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Story First Published: 2020-04-24