Selling during COVID-19

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Realtors in California have been deemed essential workers during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom. To demonstrate care for the health and well-being of clients, colleagues, and the general public, the California Association of Realtors released Guidelines for Real Estate Best Practices During COVID-19. These principles are being implemented in Ridgecrest when realtors work with any residential, commercial, or rental property.

In short, if at all possible, showings and all signings should be completed electronically or by telephone, and in-person conversations should be avoided. It is possible to sign contracts and documents via Docusign or Zipforms. Home showings can be done via video, Facetime, or a virtual tour.

Buyers must verify they have viewed the home on-line before requesting an in-person showing.

If an in-person showing does occur a single realtor and no more than two individuals are to be in a home at one time. If other persons are necessary for a showing the others in the party should wait outside and observe distance guidelines. Any persons on the property must agree to remain at least six feet apart during all interactions. Sellers should not be present within a home at the same time as other people.

Any person entering a property shall sign a Property Entry and Advisory Declaration (PEAD form) that states to the best of their knowledge they are not sick or do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, or have not been in contact with a person with the virus. All persons visiting a property will agree to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before entering, and wear disposable gloves and a face mask if available. Moreover, sellers must disclose to all persons who enter if the seller is currently ill or has COVID-19 symptoms.

Also, sellers must sign a listing agreement addendum that clarifies how showing and inspection activity is to be conducted. The standard California purchase agreement grants buyers broad discretion with inspections and investigations when purchasing a home. The seller should be knowledgeable of these obligations outlined in the purchase contract to ensure there is a clear understanding of the risks involved. Third-party providers such as appraisers, home and termite inspectors, plumbers, and electricians, etc., must be avoided, and when unavoidable, the vendors must agree to follow the CDC guidelines spelled out in the PEAD form.

It is possible for sellers to extend listings and postpone marketing activities to ensure their safety and health during the governor’s stay-at-home order.. More on the Real Estate Best Practices During COVID-19 are at


• To date there are 69 homes on the market ranging from $62,000 to $499,500.

• Past three months’ price per square foot average of sold single-family homes: College Heights $161; NW $132: NE $120; SE $128; SW $139; RC Heights $133.


• California median home price: $579,770; Lowest median home price: Lassen $199,000; Ridgecrest $207,250; Highest median home price by region: San Francisco $1,610,000 (Source C.A.R).

Story First Published: 2020-04-17