Death Valley seeks input on OHV grant

Death Valley seeks input on OHV grantDeath Valley National Park seeks public comments on a preliminary grant proposal to prevent illegal off-road driving in the park and to restore damage already done.

Death Valley National Park protects over 3 million acres of desert landscape for the enjoyment of current and future visitors, contains highly sensitive cultural and natural resources, and 93 percent is designated as Wilderness. It is illegal to drive off roads in the park, but the park is experiencing problems with off-road driving by both off-highway and street-legal vehicles.

The National Park Service submitted a preliminary application for a restoration grant from California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation. If granted, these funds would be used to restore damage to the park done by off-road driving. In addition, these funds would help the NPS prevent more off-road driving through visitor education and law enforcement.

The public can comment on the preliminary grant application from March 3 to May 4. Please visit the OHMVR website at to view and provide comments on the application.

For more information, contact ecologist Alison Ainsworth at 760-786-3232 or alison_ainsworth@

Pictured: The salt surface of Badwater Basin — the lowest point of elevation in the continental United States, bears scars from illegal off-roaders taking their vehicles into a protected area. — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2020-03-06