Chess season results announced

Chess season results announcedThe Scholastic Chess Tournament closed out its season for the academic calendar year on Feb. 17 at Las Flores Elementary School. The tournament attracted 61 students, although 136 from 13 schools participated over the season.

The top schools for the tournament, as well as for the season, were Richmond (elementary), Murray (middle) and Burroughs (high) schools.

Section champions for the February tournament were Lucy Huizar (kindergartner from Lo Inyo in Lone Pine) in the K-1 grades section, Logan Merriman (Las Flores) in the 2-3 grades section, Ryan Carter (Richmond) in the 4-5 grades section, Blake Roulund (Murray) in the 6-8 grades section, and Halle Wong (Burroughs) in the 9-12 grades section.

The top students from each grade level for the year each received a light-up 3D laser etched chess trophy.

The top students for the 2019-2020 season were:

Kindergarten — Lachlan Huizer (Lo-Inyo in Lone Pine), 1st grade — Tesla Albrightson (Gateway), 2nd grade — Fernando Ochoco (Faller), 3rd grade — Logan Merriman (Las Flores), 4th grade — Aiden Goodarzirad (Pierce), 5th grade: Wyatt Doorenbos (Richmond), 6th grade — Blake Roulund (Murray), 7th grade — Maria Ochoco (Saint Ann), 8th grade — Amanda Huynh (Murray), 9th grade — Owen Wong (Burroughs), 10th grade — Caden Beames (Burroughs), 11th grade — Ash Morey (Burroughs), 12th grade — Halle Wong (Burroughs)

Twenty-three students received medals for attending all six tournaments.

Halle Wong received a $100 scholarship for being the top player this year in the 9-12 section. Her brother, Owen Wong, received a $50 scholarship for being the first runner-up.

“A good year for the Wong family!” said tournament director Dwight Morgan.

Kindergartner Lachlan Huizar has been competing in the 6-8 section, “and doing quite well!” said Morgan. “Next year should be interesting — look out high schoolers!”

The next season begins on Labor Day, Sept. 6, 2020. The site will be announced next school year.

Pictured: Kelvin and Jayani compete in a recent tournament. — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2020-02-28