Feb. is home de-clutter month

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Now that the holidays have passed and Superbowl Sunday is over, it’s time to get organized! No doubt we all have our secret corners or rooms that we haven’t paid attention to in months, possibly years. We all need tidying and arranging in life and that includes that neglected areas of the home. Let’s admit it, we all have items that no longer are useful to us and just need to be discarded or donated. Here are some areas around a home that may deserve your attention:

The kitchen. This is one of the busiest areas of the home during holiday season and when prepping to entertain friends. It’s possible that many of those treasured mugs, glasses and Tupperware containers were shuffled about by visiting friends or family. Take a few moments and free up cupboard space. Try hanging up your pots and pans. Clean out silverware drawers. Maybe it’s time to take 15 minutes and completely clean the interior of the refrigerator. You’ll be glad you did!

The bathroom. This is undoubtedly, the most necessary and used room in the house. Are there blue mold spots in the shower tile grout or on the ceiling corners? Beyond the wave of the toilet brush, the wipe of the sink or the shining of the mirror, check to see if that under-sink-storage area might need a clean-out.

The closets. Clothing could possibly be a mix of winter, summer, spring and fall attire. How about sorting out clothes and rehanging per season or possibly per color. Utilize those under-the-bed storage boxes to tidy up and sort out seasonal closing. Pack away some of those special occasion items rather than hanging them. Have clothes that haven’t been worn in five or 10 years? Maybe it’s time to consider a donation to Salvation Army or DART.

The laundry room. Here’s where things can get over-packed and forgotten. Wipe off the tops of washers and dryers. Powdered and liquid soaps can leave behind built-up residue. Try laying towels over the tops of washers and dryers to keep them clean. Create more space by installing overhead or hideaway storage racks. How about installing a drying rack on the ceiling and hanging those “delicate items” from the ceiling when they’re drying?

The home office. Finally, after working through the main living areas of the home, chances are that your office may be in disarray. Offices can always be refreshed by just going through drawers and tossing or donating items that have not been used for months. Install a new shelf to keep all important mail, documents and books in place. A tidy office equals less stress and more work done!

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To date there are 86 homes on the market ranging from $62,000 to $549,900.

The past three months’ price-per-square-foot averages of sold single-family homes are College Heights $169, NW $139, NE $120, SE $128, SW $124 and RC Heights $136.


The California median home price is $615,090, with the lowest median home prices Lassen at $225,000 and Ridgecrest at $199,000. The highest median home price by region is San Mateo at $1,475,000. (Source C.A.R)

Story First Published: 2020-02-21