‘Songs of the Spirit’ Saturday

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

‘Songs of the Spirit’ SaturdayWhile Patrick Rindt has come to rely on the talents of the “Rindt & Friends” circle to showcase his original compositions, this weekend’s “Songs of the Spirit” concert will also be a family affair. Among the performers will be his two daughters, 16-year-old Lauren and 12-year-old Julia.

Lauren will play keyboard in the rock ensemble performing songs from Patrick’s musical, “Jeanette.”

Lauren and her dad have been frequent collaborators, since she also plays piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and cello (as well as singing).

“So I knew she’d be fantastic in this ensemble,” said Patrick

Singing the voice of a young Joan of Arc in this Disneyesque piece is Julia.

“Julia has proven herself a dynamic lead in several RMES productions, so I knew she had the confidence and vocal ability to sing this role,” said Patrick. “But she’s growing up fast, so I felt an urgency to have her sing this music before she’s too old!”

“What I’ve noticed as a father and a composer is that both your children and your compositions take on a life of their own — you remember them being born, but eventually you take a step back and just watch and wonder at what they will do next.

“I marvel at Julia’s fearlessness — she is truly in her element when she’s onstage. And I can relate to Lauren’s versatile musical interests. I think that’s the same drive that ultimately led me to composing.”

Lauren made her debut at age 6, playing piano in one of her father’s studio recitals. Since then she has performed virtually whatever role is required in any school, church or community production that came her way.

Julia began at about the same age, stealing scenes with her numerous leads in RMES productions.

“I love performing,” she said. Just putting yourself out there, having fun. And hopefully making people happy!”

She admitted not giving much forestudy to her roles. “Mostly what I think about ahead of time is how much fun it’s going to be once I get on stage!”

“I definitely like to think, long and hard, before I do anything on stage,” said Lauren. “I’m not very good at improvising, although I guess I’ve gotten better at it since I’ve been performing.”

Lauren said that one of her favorite things about performing is getting to make music with her dad. “I feel like we are always in sync. We have a similar sense of rhythm and we are just … musically connected.”

“I love watching them perform together — if Lauren was a boy they would look like twins!” said Julia. “They have the same look on their face, the same posture, the same mannerisms.”

“I love watching Julia perform,” said Lauren. “She so energetic, and she just takes it as it comes. Watching her on stage, having fun with it, is awesome.”

Both girls are looking forward to the concert. “Especially when I get to sing my song!” said Julia.

“I really like watching people’s reactions to the music, seeing them enjoy it, especially when there’s a standing ovation. Which I’m sure there will be!

“My dad’s music is amazing. I think people who haven’t heard it before are going to be surprised.”

“Definitely!” agreed Julia. “They’re going to be like ‘What? This isn’t just KINDA good, this is REALLY good!’”

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to find out for yourself.

“Songs of the Spirit” will be held Saturday, Feb. 22, at 7 p.m. in the United Methodist Church.

Tickets are available, for a donation, at Cosner-Neipp and at the door.

Pictured: Composer Patrick Rindt’s daughters, Julia and Lauren, will join him for Songs of the Spirit. — Photo by Rebecca Neipp

Story First Published: 2020-02-21