To the Editor: Opposes closed-door vote

The news on the casino land sale vote is now officially out as to who voted to sell Ridgecrest down the river. On Feb 5 the city “attorney” stated that Peggy Breeden, Scott Hayman and Mike Mower voted to approve an illegal agreement in closed (secret) session to sell the land to the casino developer — a land sale for which there was no contract (remember them cancelling the sales agreement over a year ago), which has had no public discussion, and no public vote of approval.

This secret agreement is the worst act of tyrannical manipulation in Ridgecrest in a long time. It is not allowed under California law. These three “councilpersons” have sold us out, plain and simple.

So, think about this. Do you remember Scott Hayman stating on record that he was against the casino? He won his election with 45 percent more votes than Mike Mower. He got most of his votes from those of us who wanted the casino debacle ended. Feel betrayed now? You should.

Feeling betrayed about the secret illegal vote and how they bragged in a press release how wonderful this is? You should. And for an act topping the secretiveness, when the city is asked for the documents on these agreements, the city clerk states that the documents have not been executed yet and are not available. This can only mean that both parties have not signed them, so there is no agreement. Their press release is a lie. This is beyond all reason. Mower, Hayman and Breeden should be recalled from office over this. The only thing preventing it is a complacent public. Do you want this kind of stuff to keep happening? Are you going to do what it takes to bring these three to account? Who is going to start the recall effort?

How about also contacting the Kern County District Attorney’s office and telling them you want this investigated for corruption and conspiracy to defraud the public? It just takes a phone call.

Either hold these people accountable or kiss all semblance of just slightly lawful government in Ridgecrest goodbye.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2020-02-14