To the Editor: Challenges Martin claims

I am writing this today because I had a chance to see Wallace Martin’s pitiful attempt at a swan song that is riddled with misinformation and flat-out lies.

Let’s start with Martin’s accusation that the litigation was a political attack. First, a lawsuit can only be done if a person was harmed by the action the other is accused of. That was Scott Leahy who barely lost to Martin who has yet to prove he was ever a Ridgecrest resident. Therefore, Leahy was harmed by Martin’s election fraud and had every right to sue him in order to make things right.

The other thing Martin does not tell people is the reason his costs would be $75,000 regardless if he won or loss. The fact is, Martin refused the depositions by not turning in the legally requested paperwork to prove his residency. Upon the date of the court hearing where depositions were to be heard, not only did Martin not show up, but he still hadn’t provided the documentation he was legally required to present. So the court levied a $75,000 fine until Martin showed up and presented the documentation. Martin could have avoided the fine issued by the court if he just proved he lived in the city. Isn’t it interesting how he decided to resign instead of doing that?

This part of my letter is in response to Martin’s claim that the voters said no to the casino and to the city council’s consideration of it. In 2016 three anti-casino candidates ran and four pro-casino candidates ran. The divided votes went against the will of the majority vote and the minority no-casino candidates won (one illegally running because he couldn’t even present his documentation to a court to avoid a $75,000 fine). A total of 7,742 votes were cast for no-casino candidates. Meanwhile, 9,617 votes were cast for pro-casino candidates. For mayor, one pro-casino candidate garnered 4,735 votes and two no-casino candidates received 5,585. Let’s talk about 2018 where Mr. Martin claims the no-casino votes were overwhelming. Two pro-casino mayor candidates ran and received 8,528 votes.

Meanwhile, one anti-casino candidate ran with 4,975 votes, two pro-casino candidates ran with 6,661 votes and one casino-neutral candidate (which Wallace Martin was happy to throw under the bus in his video) garnered 2,674 votes. Where is the overwhelming majority, Martin, to the no-votes? Did you just prove you can’t math?

Living in a casino-saturated town now, I see a lot of benefits to tribal casinos because they are independent nations trying to be self-supporting, and the federal government helps those tribes. Those benefits can benefit Ridgecrest. Taxes are lower here in Nevada because of casinos. But Mike Neel, who claims he wants power of the government in the hands of the people, and people like Wallace Martin, would strip you of your right to choose. Remove any personal accountability. So, you don’t get a casino. What are they going to go after next? You’re right to choose to go to the bar? Buy a pack of cigarettes? Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Of course, if you buy into their deception, you kind of deserve what you get.

Christina Witt, Las Vegas, Nev.

Story First Published: 2019-12-20