To the Editor: Comments on impeachment hearings

It appears the impeachment hearings are in recess, if not ended. There is extensive false information swirling around this topic. Since I realize people have a life and can’t afford to sit in front of the television or radio for days, I want to share a couple of facts from the hearings.

European Union Ambassador Sondland said that the directive to “talk to Giuliani” came directly from President Trump. Sondland said that he and others didn’t want to talk with Rudy Giuliani, but it was the only way to accomplish the goal of getting a meeting between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

When asked directly if there were a quid pro quo, Sondland testified “Yes.” Testimony by former Ambassador Yovanovitch, top diplomat to Ukraine William Taylor, Fiona Hill, David Holmes and Lt. Colonel Vindman were revealing.

While I could go on, I recommend that you download a report by Common Cause to review evidence for presidential impeachment:

While the report is lengthy, just take a look at the table of contents. You may want to read excerpts.

Presently, I see our country is deeply divided. So much of the rhetoric inspires fear instead of hope. We need to talk with one another. We need to consider what kind of America we want and put our heads together to figure out how we can get it. Think about it, talk about it, you decide and vote.

— Penelope LePome

Story First Published: 2019-11-29