Medina encourages census participation

Louis Medina, director of community impact for the Kern Community Foundation, addressed the IWV Community Collaborative Wednesday to raise awareness among nonprofits and other civic partners about the importance of the 2020 census and to encourage everyone to be counted.

Medina said that KCF is working with leaders of nonprofits, faith-based organizations, local governments, media and other stakeholders to spread the word.

Ensuring an accurate count of the population in and around Ridgecrest will be especially important in light of recent earthquake damage, he said. “Communities impacted by the July 2019 earthquakes need to make sure they don’t lose federal funding dollars due to an undercount,” he said.

“The Census Bureau estimates a loss of approximately $2,000 in federal funding in California, per person, per year, for everyone who is not counted.

“Next year’s census will be easier than ever to complete, as respondents will be able to do so on paper, online or by phone.”

Medina identified residents most at risk of being unaccounted for as those who dwell in rural communities, live below poverty level, are highly mobile, are homeless, are very young or live in crowded households.

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Story First Published: 2019-11-15