Inside the mind of a homebuyer

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Purchasing a home is known to be a highly stressful process. There are many inner thoughts and emotions that go along with it. Properly processing those feelings will make for less anxiety along the way. Did you know there are five psychological stages a buyer will experience when purchasing a home? Knowing those stages can relieve much physical tension and mental pressure during in the midst of a home purchase.

Honeymoon Stage: At the git-go buyers are very excited that a home purchase is genuine reality, and not just a dream. It’s actually happening! Buyers have searched on-line and selected a few homes they would love to view. Most likely they have contacted a realtor and are happy with the communication that has transpired. Smart buyers will also be thrilled about the lender they have contacted in order to discover how much home they can purchase. Buyers feel elated and anticipate a great find.

Searching Stage: Here buyers will experience many emotional ups and downs. A home loved and dreamed about today is suddenly off the market before it can even be viewed. Buyers may even reconsider the original goals and ideals they have in a home once they have had a chance to view the available inventory. Reality may set in with exactly what is available and affordable. That fixer-upper may be too much work and not that practical after all, whereas the 4-bedroom remodel across town is really the right fit.

Deciding Stage: Once a suitable home is found, buyers will carefully weigh their final options. Some buyers need reassurance and guidance. They will want to consult with family since they realize this a huge life-altering decision. However, other buyers confidently walk into a home and know instantly this is it and proceed with a seemingly quick choice. Each buyer’s past experiences with major finances will play a part in what a buyer feels at this point. Some may have many questions and feel uncertain, while others will be extremely optimistic.

Details Stage: Once a home offer is accepted buyers are elated! Here there are many steps that must take place in order for the home ownership to be properly transferred. Doubts may reemerge with inspections. Emotions can flare with unknown conditions of the home. This is where buyers need to trust in their realtor to guide them into the next steps without the drama.

Finalizing Stage: Waiting for the results of the home inspections and appraisal are a few of the tail end areas of tension a buyer is apt to experience. After the results a buyer will know from their lender that the loan is being finalized and smooth closing is at hand.


To date there are 104 homes on the market ranging from $44,900 to $549,900.

Past three months’ price per square foot averages of sold single-family homes are College Heights $169, NW $132, NE $131, SE $124, SW $134 and RC Heights $130.


California median home prices are $617,410; the lowest median home prices are Lassen $200,000 and Ridgecrest $212,500; the highest median home price by region is San Francisco $1,602,500. (Source C.A.R.)

Story First Published: 2019-10-18