RACVB named state welcome center

RACVB named  state welcome centerRIDGECREST AREA CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU — The RACVB joined 17 other “California Welcome Centers,” designated under the California Office of Tourism, in partnership with Visit California, to promote tourism throughout the state.

Each CWC promotes its own region while supporting marketing efforts of partners in California.

“The new designation gives Ridgecrest CWC credentials for the next five years,” said a spokesperson.

A CWC acts as a concierge for travelers to California, providing destination, attraction, and accommodation brochures from member destinations statewide.

These centers also provide reservation services, Internet access, official California merchandise and ticket sales. They encourage visitors to spend extended time in California to take in the diversity of the state through promotion of all other CWC locations.

Centers employ knowledgeable local staff who can share the best of where to eat, where to stay, what to see and how to get there.

“This new designation will lead to significant marketing cross-promotion across the state through the distribution of Ridgecrest’s regional materials in all centers,” said the spokesperson.

According to Visit California, travel-related spending in California totaled $140.6 billion in 2018 and continues to increase yearly.

“The RACVB is excited to share updates as the process of becoming a California Welcome Center progresses and changes begin to take shape,” said the spokesperson.

For information call 800-VISIT-30 or see goridgecrest.com.

Story First Published: 2019-09-13