McCarthy reflects on 9-11

From the Capitol


Eighteen years ago, our nation experienced unimaginable terror. Evil extremists were expecting America to respond in chaos. They were poorly mistaken. Instead, the American spirit, which has defined our nation for generations, was emboldened and strengthened. Our bravest patriots volunteered to take the fight right to the enemy, and American communities across the country came together to show their camaraderie and resilience — sending a message around the world that we will always stand up and win against terrorism.

Though nearly two decades have passed, we must continue to ensure that those who lost their lives on that fateful day will always be remembered. We will never forget the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93. We will never forget the first responders who entered the towers and Pentagon without fear of the dangers ahead. We will never forget the lives that were so callously taken or the families that were so tragically ripped apart.

Since that infamous day, our nation has worked to preserve the memories of the fallen, and Ridgecrest exemplifies that memorial. The Parade of 1000 Flags and the candlelight vigil in their honor is American exceptionalism in its finest hour.

Today is no other ordinary day, and it never will be. The terrorist attacks of September 11th have left an impact on generations of Americans. But it is my earnest hope that we can all honor them daily by living thoughtfully, loving fearlessly and showing sincere gratitude for another chance at life.

Story First Published: 2019-09-06