Lightning storm heralds fall’s approach

Lightning storm heralds fall’s approachEarly risers on Thursday awoke to a vivid thunder-and-lightning storm, captured near the intersection of Rader and Sunset around 6 a.m. by Edward Czajka. His custom-made lightning triggers activities when his camera detects radio frequency interference from nearby bolts. “Shortly after this capture, the storm deteriorated and dumped rain on the south end of town,” he said. “It was a nice wake-up call for many residents of Ridgecrest.” According to China Lake Weather Officer Tamera Walters, the storm dropped only trace amounts at the station’s official weather- monitoring stations. “However, in other locations it was coming down like cats and dogs. I spoke to a guy out on Brown Road who said it was just pouring.” Residents experienced a similarly uneven rainfall on Tuesday afternoon. The storm should clear by Friday morning, she said. Walters said the good news is that high temperatures are expected to drop to the mid 90s by next week. “We are just about done with summer!”

Story First Published: 2019-09-06