Blair goes to Dickens Universe

Blair  goes to Dickens  UniverseCerro Coso Community College student Carol Blair was one of three recipients of a scholarship to The Dickens Universe, a weeklong series hosted by University of California, Santa Cruz, featuring lectures, seminars, discussion groups, workshops, social events, teas and films celebrating the culture associated with prolific writer Charles Dickens.

As a participant, Blair lived on campus and interacted with other students who shared a passion for reading, socializing, and bringing Victorian culture to life.

The focus of this year’s Dickens Universe was “Barnaby Rudge,” an early and seldom-studied historical novel that explores public violence and private horror.

Set in 18th-century London, the novel is full of mystery and melodrama. Sons struggle against fathers, servants against masters. Religious controversy erupts into riots.

Vivid characters enact their passions in a world deeply divided against itself, and a pet raven issues oracular statements that none can forget — or understand.

Story First Published: 2019-07-26