Water District employees recognized for vigilance during quakes

Water District employees recognized for vigilance during quakesFrom left, Kaleb Griffin, Sam Molina, Jason Lillion, Ken Silliman, John Svika, John Thatcher, Arturo Magallanes, Johnathan Chapin, Kurt Kramer, John Pearl, Gabe Smith, Chris Charlon and Rob Cunningham were among the Indian Wells Valley Water District employees who were recognized for their quick response in the wake of the earthquakes that affected the IWV earlier this month. “I’m sure their homes were in disarray, but they came in and did their jobs as all first responders and emergency personnel do,” said General Manager Don Zdeba during the district’s July 8 meeting. Zdeba said the district came through the quakes “relatively unscathed.” While it was able to maintain service with no contamination, the district suffered an estimated $4-5 million in infrastructure damage and is currently operating on six out of 10 wells (see related story). — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2019-07-26