To the Editor: Mobile home safeguards from earthquakes

Many years ago, my family at the time and I moved to a barren piece of land off Brown Road in Inyokern on Coyote Trail. At that time, we lived in a small mobile home (8 ft x 40 ft). on 20 acres of unimproved land.

Because of the winds in the area at the time (which could be fierce), I decided to tie down the mobile home to keep our mobile home secure. My ultimate goal was to secure the mobile home to keep the mobile home from moving off the jacks from the winds and the earthquakes.

My solution to this problem was to tie the mobile home to the earth, securely to keep the mobile home from moving off the selected jacks. I did this by locating several (6) tire rims and burying the tire rims about 4 feet in the ground. I attached steel cable to the tire rims, through turnbuckes, to the mobile home steel chassis base. Then the holes were filled with dirt and rocks. Tightening the turnbuckes made the mobile home secure from winds and earthquakes. We never had an issue of the mobile home moving off the jacks (foundation).

Years later, I purchased a larger mobile home (double wide) and secured the frame in the same manner; burying tire rims in the ground to secure the structure from wind and earthquake effects,

This action was a cheap way to ensure that our mobile home(s) stayed on the leveling jacks and did not move with the wind and earthquakes we often experienced.

Jim Hayes

Story First Published: 2019-07-19