Property crimes reported after quake

Property  crimes  reported  after quakeBy BRIAN COSNER

News Review Staff Writer

Officers of the Ridgecrest Police Department responded to two property-crime incidents the week of July 4, within days of the large earthquakes that hit Ridgecrest.

Officers responded to Sage Mart on the corner of Downs Street and Drummond Avenue in the early morning of July 6 after unknown suspects apparently broke a window, emptied the cash register and cleared out all of the store’s lottery tickets.

While the incident occurred in the wake of the earthquakes, Sgt. Ryan Marrone said the suspects of the “smash and grab” job are likely part of a larger group that is suspected of similar hits in nearby towns.

“It happened while we were very busy, but I don’t think it was really related to the earthquakes,” said Marrone.

The second incident was reported early on July 7. Officers responded to a residence on East Beth Lane where two gaming consoles had reportedly been stolen, but officers quickly recovered the property from a nearby residence. No arrests have yet been made and the investigation is pending.

“We processed the scene for evidence and we’re waiting to get some info back,” said Marrone.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said he would expect more looting and property crimes “with an earthquake anywhere else in the world,” but not in Ridgecrest.

“Any other city this size, you would have had a lot more people taking advantage of the disaster,” he said at a July 10 Town Hall meeting.

Story First Published: 2019-07-19