To the Editor: ‘Say no to new taxes’

Let’s say no to new taxes right here in Ridgecrest. The push to tax our properties even more by the city is in full swing, and the vote count on the parks tax assessment will be on April 17 at City Hall. This has been preceded by an all-out effort on the part of the city manager to make claims about how bad off the city is and what a long, expensive list of needs we have for parks improvement and maintenance.

Here is a list of things about this tax to say no to when you vote no on the ballot, which all property owners in Ridgecrest should have received in the mail: exaggerated cost estimates, stonewalling the pool repair so it can be used as a lever to push the tax, inefficient use of our tax monies, conflict of interest of city staff who stand to profit, improper conduct and illegal, unethical use of city resources in propagandizing the tax, and last but not least no to more and more taxes every month in the Republic of Taxifornia.

Do our city bureaucrats not get the idea? This proposed tax is the city manager’s fault. He pushed it and had the council rubberstamp it. Even after fooling a majority of voters into approving an increase in the supposed streets tax, more tax is now wanted for parks. And a push to add a lighting district that will tax us more is soon to follow. No end in sight of new taxes apparently. We clearly need a mass rebellion against more taxes on the people here and now. Enough is enough. Send your ballot in to the city as a no vote.

Then come to the meeting next week, April 17 at 6 p.m., and voice your strong disgust at more taxes even being proposed.

Michael Neel

Story First Published: 2019-04-12