To the Editor: Water, water — anywhere?

After following the claims of both sides as to whether or not this valley is verging on a drastic water shortage — I still don’t know which side is right.

First let me say that I have not seen any definitive proof either way. Now, if there is ample water in our aquifer, then nothing more needs to be said. However, if we are facing a water crisis, then why is the same faction claiming this is also promoting the concept of bringing more large businesses, additional residents and increased agricultural projects?

We are urged to xeriscape our yards, not to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, put buckets in the shower, and conserve in any way possible. But how many residents practice any kind of water conservation? All these minute efforts are but a drop in the bucket compared to the large entities that utilize our water source. So why are these huge consumers of water being urged to locate in our valley?

If indeed we are running out of potable water consider this: This area is essentially a one employer of any size — the Navy. If water becomes unavailable what do you think the Navy will do? Yep — seek greener pastures! And without the Navy Ridgecrest will become a ghost town.

We need an unbiased, independent survey of the situation before we proceed with anything else. I do not know how we can achieve this mainly because of the cost. Any entity that can afford such a survey is probably already aligned to one side or the other which would tilt the results.

Any suggestions?

Mrs. Robert M. McArtor

Story First Published: 2019-04-05