To the Editor: ‘What is wrong with this city?’

It is very hard to believe that the City Council would vote on a park assessment within a month of “Shooting the Gift Horse,” which was the casino. There is something dreadfully wrong with city management, council and all the rest of the double-dippers involved in this whole matter.

I have told some 20-25 people about the decision from the city not to have a casino in this city. They in turn would have told others, which would compound and all of them would be staying in the local hotels and motels, which would have brought a great deal of bed tax to this city … but no, you did not want this!

Let’s simply pass a “a park assessment,” and it will be on the ballot for the people of this city to approve, and its my assessment that the people will vote this down. Like Mary Ash said in her letter to the editor…once it’s approved, it never goes away.

One can only imagine when Measure L is not approved, as the better part of this, and Measure V is going to the Police Department, to pay for “consultants” and the list goes on. No money is being spent for road improvements. Case in point:

Sunland Street from Bowman Road to Dolphin Street. This was to be included in the location of the SuperCenter, and Walmart would pay for it. Nope, the administration of this city caved to them, and now the city will pay $275K or more to have this road paved…What poor management I say…

Now on to the so-called Planning Commission. It was said that homes will be built just off Richmond Boulevard and Dolphin Street, there will be apartments going up on Sunland-Baton, villas to be built near Bowman-Dolphin, a strip mall across from Walmart and another strip mall right across from Ridgecrest Hospital … well, in two or perhaps three years or more … nothing.

Not a shovel of dirt turned over, period. Now, the planning people have laid out Ridgecrest all over. Not even a donut shop with coffee by the motels on South China Lake Boulevard. This city administration should be pushing hard for this to happen, but so far … again … nothing!

Patrick H. Hannan

Story First Published: 2019-03-08