To the Editor: Urges ‘no’ vote on assessment

Did you get the “Official Ballot Enclosed” letter from the city about its want to tax you more?

Here’s the short of it all. Just like the long-neglected streets in Ridgecrest, our parks have had poor maintenance for the amount of money we give to the Parks Department — the same department that is the second-highest-funded one in the city bureaucracy.

So, here we are getting told a sob story about how they can’t take care of the parks, fix the pool, help us poor citizens have a better “quality of life,” etc., etc., unless we consent to pay them even more taxes. The claims of needing to spend more than $16 million to help us have a better life are of course highly inflated. All the outlined costs in the mailer are so high as to be gasp-worthy.

The pool is, of course, at the top of the list. But it could be fixed with a 30-year loan that would cost only $175,000 per year in payments. Is anybody going to tell me the city can’t find that much in its budget? I sure could.

All the rest of the actual needs might add up to $3 million if you are generous. At the same time, the city Finance Department has twice publicly stated that the city’s revenues are projected to increase to more than $1 million per year more than we have now in four years.

So, why do we need another tax? We don’t. Measure V revenue has been so misused that Steve Morgan resigned from the Measure V Committee in protest. Do you actually trust the city with more of your money? Do you think all of these inflated cost projections need to be funded? I sure hope not.

You need to pay attention to your mail and be sure to vote NO on the ballot being sent out in order to put this taxation attempt to rest. Vote no and enjoy the satisfaction of telling money-hungry bureaucrats “Enough already.” The county found all kinds of money ($17 million per year worth) to cut when it was forced to. Why can’t Ridgecrest do likewise? Vote ‘no’ and tell the city to get real.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2019-03-08