Meet the cast

Meet the castSix Alices in Wonderland? Yes, you read that right. To accommodate the outstanding level of talent, Marla Cosner decided to feature two separate casts for the upcoming production of “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.” (see related story, this page).

As many fans of the Lewis Carroll story (or one of the many cinematic iterations of this whimsical adventure) may recall, Alice also shrinks, or grows, through her impulsive consumption of mystery foods. To help accommodate this challenging device on the stage, Holly Cosner and Allison Conliffe will portray the regular-sized versions of this titular character, while Susanna Meech and Chloe Wetzel will play the smaller Alices and Deanna Belt and Caris Matlock will enact the tall ones.

Other feature roles include Devyn French and Citlali Tellez as the Cheshire Cat, Julia Rindt and Eve Washburn as the White Rabbit, Katie Merrill and Lindsey Mower as Tweedle Dee, Juliana Merrill and Yleana Mower as Tweedle Dum, Faith Ritz and Kayden Roark as Daisy, Melina Morgan and Rachel Wetzel as Petunia, Gillian Torres and Miriam Goodman as Rose, Avelina Guzman and Tabitha Goodman as Violet, Makayla McDermott and Annalise Ostash as Lily, Geoffrey Brown and Alli Garcia as Caterpillar, Mallory Cosner and Lorna Havig as Mad Hatter, Rebekah Dickey and Genevieve Welsh as March Hare, Santino Guzman and Evan O’Connor as the Dodo Bird, Naomi Meech and Lydia Washburn as the Queen of Hearts, Kenneth Anderson and Milo Patterson as the King of Hearts, Genevieve Robinette and Lacy Roberts as Mathilda, Krish Desai and Christian Miller as Doorknob, Jason Ertl as Ace of Hearts and Alexander Vargas as Ace of Diamonds.

Other performers in the “Hearts” cast include Christopher Anderson, Emmanuel Allen, Everett Dickey, Jacob Hayman, Joseph Hayman, Isabella Farinha, Gabby LaSpada, Ariel Meech, Madalyn Cosner, Jenna Bird, Lelah Bird, Jorga Coleman, Laura Dickey, Athena Hall, Ashley Harrington, Natalie Loughmiller, Mikayla Wuest, Talon Houck, Erynn Cosner, Kiara Allen, Sarah Cosner, Travis Dickey, Joseph Merrill, Michaela Morgan, Khloe Olson and Koen Olson.

“Diamond” cast performers include Justin Bal, Avidan Gamboa, Gabriel Honeywell, Nathaniel Lamadrid-Gean, Jacob Morrison, Natalie Bravo, Brielle Cox, Mackenzy Crow, Emilia Tippetts, Anela Goins, Maddie Hocker, Elijah Honeywell, Averi King, Alyssa Lopez, Tallulah Miller, Heidi Romero, Aurora Shermer, Emily Wetzel, Chloe Williams, Katelyn Arnts, Abby Sweitzer, Ember Patterson, Gideon Goodman, Maria Lopez, Elspeth Pomazal, Prestley Shotwell and Trinity Stephens.

“Heart” Gala performers include Kenneth Anderson, Natalie Loughmiller, Makayla McDermott, Melina Morgan, Michaela Morgan, Faith Ritz and Genevieve Robinette.

“Diamond” Gala performers include Justin Bal, Nate “Sinatra” Lamadrid-Gean, Jacob Morrison, Annalise Ostash, Ember Patterson, Kayden Roark, Emilia Tippetts, Alexander Vargas and Rachael Wetzel.

Story First Published: 2019-02-15