Rajtora to resign from EKCRCD Board


News Review Staff Writer

Stan Rajtora, recently elected to the Indian Wells Valley Water District, will be resigning from the East Kern County Resource Conservation District board. The move comes after a letter from the Kern County Board of Supervisors warning of potential future conflict from being on both boards.

In an interview, Rajtora said he didn’t foresee any future conflicts, but felt that resigning was the best option.

“It turns out that the rather veiled threat doesn’t allow me to do anything other than resign,” he said. “The letter says that if a problem should arise at a later point in time, I could be forced out of my Water District seat.”

He added that former IWV Director Don Jo McKernan simultaneously served on the EKCRCD board for many years.

“Nonetheless, I have no control over it. Even though it does seem a little petty,” he said.

One potential conflict addressed in the letter is that the EKCRCD has shown prior interest serving as the local Groundwater Authority Agency under the recent Sustainable Groundwater Management act. The current GSA – the IWV Groundwater Authority – includes the IWV Water District as a member agency.

But the EKCRCD hasn’t pushed forming a GSA, or even membership on the current GSA, since the IWVGA’s formation.

“When the GSA group was first set up, we investigated what might happen if we were to pursue that,” said EKCRCD boardmember Donna Thomas. “But we thought there was too much involved financially for us to be able to undertake.”

The EKCRCD has representation on both the Technical Advisory and Technical Advisory Committees to the IWVGA. Thomas also served as Chair for the PAC in previous years.

Story First Published: 2019-02-14