Hit-and-run suspect pleads guilty

Hit-and-run suspect pleads guiltyHit-and-run suspect Morgyn Dobson pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run charges on Jan. 31 and is scheduled to be sentenced in court on Feb. 25 in Ridgecrest according to court records.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested Dobson, 44, in November after a hit-and-run on Thanksgiving weekend on West Bowman Road.

Dobson reportedly fled the scene after striking two motorcyclists. One victim, Shawn Chromi, 44, was killed while Brian Berry was airlifted to Antelope Valley Hospital where he required a leg amputation and other surgeries. Dobson’s passenger also sustained major injuries.

Dobson is reportedly facing seven years in prison, pending his sentencing hearing.

Story First Published: 2019-02-08