Neave Trio to perform Sunday

Neave Trio  to perform  SundayThe Neave Trio will perform Sunday, Feb. 3, at 4 p.m. at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church.

Anna Williams on violin, Mikhail Veselov on cello and Eri Nakamura on piano return to Ridgecrest to perform works by distinguished women composers spanning the Romantic through contemporary eras. Their program includes Rebecca Clarke’s Piano Trio, Amy Beach’s Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 150, Louise Farrenc’s Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 33, and Jennifer Higdon’s Piano Trio.

Clarke’s piece showcases her unique harmonic language, influenced by both the French and British styles of the early 20th century, as well as by folk music. Beach’s trio was composed late in her career, and incorporates lush romantic melodies over impressionistic tones and colors.

A virtuoso pianist and French composer from the Romantic era, Louise Farrenc has written a trio that unifies the strings with the piano in a supportive, balanced setting.

Higdon’s piece comprises two movements — “Pale Yellow” and “Fiery Red.” “The colors that I have chosen in both of the movement titles and in the music itself reflect very different moods and energy levels, which I find fascinating, as it begs the question, can colors actually convey a mood?” said the composer.

Neave Trio strives to champion new works by living composers and reach wider audiences through innovative concert presentations, regularly collaborating with artists of all media.

Tickets are $25 each for general admission, $20 per senior and $5 per student or active-duty military.

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Pictured: Eri Nakamura, Mikhail Veselov and Anna Williams

Story First Published: 2019-02-01