To the Editor: Responds to Neel’s letter

Michael Neel’s letter about abortion and a local antiabortion march makes me wonder where he got his abortion statistics.

He states that, “Millions of women who have had these abortions have been damaged for life, physically and/or emotionally.”

Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, demonstrates how reproductive choice, and support of that choice, can benefit women, men and children. Planned Parenthood statistics show that a tiny percentage of what the organization does is abortion. Most of the services include factual, non-judgmental information about reproductive options, birth control for women and men, general health care, HIV testing, health services specific to men, patient education, pregnancy testing, STD testing (including treatment and vaccines), pelvic exams and cancer screenings.

Since Mr. Neel is against safe, legal abortion, does he then advocate sex education and birth control as alternatives? In other words, is he in favor of prevention and young people learning about their bodies or does he consider that to be wrong also? Does he view the purpose of sex as strictly procreative and women as vessels of the results of that procreation?

I would like to suggest to Mr. Neel that the right to life also applies to the lives of women. As such, we women should always have the right to decide what we want to do with our lives and bodies and under what circumstances we want to have children. Or not.

Sarah Wersan

Story First Published: 2019-01-25