Michael John ‘M.J.’ Blackshaw

Michael John ‘M.J.’ BlackshawMichael John Blackshaw, born Aug. 7, 1997, son of the late Michael G. Blackshaw, passed away in his home state of Washington on Dec. 27, 2018.

Michael is survived by his grandmother, Glenda Blackshaw; uncle, Bammer Blackshaw; cousins, Nikkole Richardson and Brittney Blackshaw of Ridgecrest; aunt, Jennifer Clair; and cousin, Breanne Penalver of Washington.

Michael John “M.J.” Blackshaw, my nephew, and Michael “Mike” Blackshaw, my little brother. As I am the oldest it was my job to keep everyone safe, yet I was unable to so. I am so very sorry I could not help either of you. The loss of the both of you is a heavy burden upon my shoulders along with other loss that I must carry. I love and miss you both. I will always be your Uncle Bam and older brother.

— Submitted by Bammer Blackshaw

Story First Published: 2019-01-04